Table of Contents

Prologue: Cities of the Imagination

1. It’s Not Really about Cities

2. What Seems Green May Actually Be Brown

3. But When Green Elements Align, the Results Can Be Impressive

4. Revitalization Can Be Powerful

5. In a Revitalizing District, Some Gentrification Might Be OK; but Not too Much

6. Cities Need Nature

7. There Can Be So Much in a Name – or Not

8. Sustainability Requires Attention to Legacy

9. But the Past Is Not the Future

10. Community Isn’t What It Used to Be, Apparently

11. Meet the Environmental Paradox of Smart Growth

12. Design Matters, but It Can Be Messy

13. There Must Be a There

14. Human Habitat Should Nourish the Mind, Body and Spirit

15. Americans Don’t Walk Much, and I Don’t Blame Them

16. Driving Should Be an Option

17. Getting to School Shouldn’t Be So Hard

18. Walk, Drink, Walk Back

19. Successful Suburbs Will Adapt to the Twenty-first Century

20. Childhood Should Be about Exploring

21. Grow Food, but Not Just Anywhere

22. Cities are Made for Faith, and Vice Versa

23. Think Globally; Plan Locally

24. Sustainability Is where the Heart Is

25. Sprawl Is Dying. Will smart Growth Be Next?

Epilogue: People Habitat and the Landscape



Table of Contents